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JUN 2013

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EDITORIAL See How They Run! Top 100 delivers great news, but at what price? By Karen Lowery Hall icrosoft Excel occasionally makes unexpected maneuvers that can really mess you up if you arenÕt paying attention. When I first started crunching the numbers for the Top 100, I wrote the headline "Modest Recovery Continues". As I delved further into my calculations, those modest numbers just didnÕt jibe with the core information. IÕve been involved with this study for a long time and I know when the numbers are hinky. Apparently, when I updated my spreadsheet for the new study, Excel shifted the columns used to calculate growth and averages. Aha! Once the formula was corrected, a completely different story emerged. This yearÕs 10.15 percent growth is the best news the small commercial printing segment has had in a long time. And itÕs not just overall growthÑ there is growth in every category we measure except the number of locations, which was only down by two. My favorite highlight is that this is the first time in many years weÕve see the number of employees increase. Even more encouraging is that this growth in the workforce occurred in conjunction with a healthy increase in average sales per employee. From that we can infer that employees are still working very efficiently, but there is enough work to keep more of them busy. And thatÕs good news for everyone. Of course, this doesnÕt mean that itÕs all smooth sailing and no one is struggling any more. There will always be companies that struggle, and every company will face hardships at some point. Some of our Top 100 companies are still digging out from the recession. I hope their fortunes rise, but there are never any guarantees. On that note, I would like to direct you to the Executive Suite column on page 32. Even if your company is recovering, most of us have been through some rough times recently. Burnout threatens everyone, from the CEO to the guy who sweeps the floors. It has become something of an epidemic in light of the constant downsizing that resulted from the recession. People have seen their duties increase exponentially as companies strive to constantly do more with less. This leads directly to burnout. David Claerbaut addresses the subject of burnout as it applies to executives who are accountable for the success or failure of their companies. However, I urge you to share this article with everyone in your company. Share it with your contacts outside the industry. DavidÕs advice is solid and might bring a measure of relief that is badly needed. Of course, if youÕre just looking for something to smile about, go look at those Top 100 numbers again. That should put a spring in your step. ◗◗ M "Connect with as many people as you can. The positive ones can be wonderful reality checks and sanity preservers, as you can be to them." —Dr. David Claerbaut, page 32 www.MyPRINTResource.com PUBLISHER Kelley Holmes 800-616-2252 x6104 kelley@quickprinting.com EDITOR Karen Lowery Hall 800-616-2252 x6108 karen@quickprinting.com Senior Consultant Bob Hall browndawg@aol.com Sr. Contributing Columnists Tom Crouser David Fellman John Giles tom@crouser.com dmf@davefellman.com john@johngiles.com Contributing Columnists David Claerbaut Nancy DeDiemar Mitch Evans Steve Johnson Sandra Long Stuart Margolis Sudhir Ravi Joe Rickard Tawnya Starr Debra Thompson drdc46@yahoo.com nancy91762@gmail.com mitch@mitchevansconsulting.com steve@copresco.com sandra.long@pitneybowes.com bPfaff@margolisbecker.com ravi@thinkvariable.com jrickard@intellectives.com tawnya.starr@firespring.com debra@tgassociates.com CORPORATE OFFICE 3 Huntington Quadrangle, Suite 301 North Melville, NY 11747 Phone: 800-308-6397 Fax: 631-845-2741 Account Executives Kimberly Jorgensen x6103 kimberly@quickprinting.com Paul Zimmerman x6214 paul@quickprinting.com Production Manager Tina Kennedy x6253 tina.kennedy@cygnus.com Art Director john.sidor@cygnus.com John Sidor x6362 European Sales Representative, ITSL Media Julian Maddocks-Born, Sales Director julian@itsluk.com, +44 (0)1442 230033 Benedict Hume, Sales Manager benedict@itsluk.com, direct line +44 (0)1442 288287 CIRCULATION Jackie Dandoy x1711 jackie.dandoy@cygnus.com For change of address or subscription information, call 877-382-9187, fax 920-563-1704, or circ.quickprinting@omeda.com REPRINT SERVICE For reprints and licensing, please contact Nick Iademarco at Wright's Media 877-652-5295 ext. 102 or niademarco@wrightsmedia.com LIST RENTALS Elizabeth Jackson 847-492-1350 x18 ejackson@meritdirect.com CEO John French CFO Paul Bonaiuto SVP, Strategy & Business Development Blair Johnson VP, Marketing Gerry Whitty VP, Audience Development Julie Nachtigal VP, Technology Eric Kammerzelt VP, Production Operations Curt Pordes VP, Human Resources Ed Wood Q U I C K P R I N T I N G • P R I N T I N G N E W S • W I D E - F O R M A T I M A G I N G Visit the QP blogs at www.MyPRINTResource.com/blogs. 6 QUICK PRINTING / June 2013 w w w. q u i c k p r i n t i n g . c o m

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