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JUN 2013

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EXECUTIVE SUITE reality checks and sanity preservers, as you can be to them. When the energy fire burns low, there is a special need for support—a safe haven for blowing off steam and letting out frustration and disappointment. • A third factor involves taking time for individual development. It is important to engage in activities that provide a sense of progress, satisfaction, and accomplishment. These may be writing, teaching in a community college, learning a skill, or pursuing a degree. Most people have a favorite avocation or second career they would like to pursue. Rather than time vampires, these second interests serve as necessary pitstops. One leader spoke of his "toys", referring to his proclivity to teach courses, give speeches, start new programs, etc. Acknowledging that he is probably criticized for spreading himself a bit thin because of them, he stated that he would never have been able to make it in his executive position without these very constructive diversions. • The fourth factor involves getting away. The heat and concrete, the pains and the problems, the noises and the nuisances, and the pace and the pressure of life in the Executive Suite have a wearing effect. Guard your days off. I remember one NYC print owner who told his people not to call him when he was out unless there was "a fire or a flood." Knowing the phone would not ring and that he could shut out the pressure was immensely therapeutic. ◗◗ Package Prototyping roll media, but more than half our business is doing cards on foil substrates. We also have a flexo press that we use for packaging as well—primarily with rainbow foil, tinsel, cracked ice, and other unique substrates." When it began offering package prototyping, PBM Graphics made some key additions to staff, Grogan adds. "We brought in salespeople whose specialty is packaging, and knew how to sell package prototyping," he says. "Packaging is one of those things that's growing, as opposed to newspapers and phone books, and that's the reason we brought in the equipment and personnel." Making the transition to package prototype provider includes mastering a learning curve, Grogan says. In addition, it can be time consuming ("The Roland printer is not exactly fast," he says), with proofs taking up to two hours to make. As well, some proofs require multiple passes, which takes more time. Finally, prototypes often have to be CAD cut. "The Roland has a cutter as part of the equipment, but we do CAD cutting for greater precision," he notes. However, Grogan is happy PBM Graphics got the Roland. Often, clients will bring in different substrates to see if they can be used in a prototype. The Roland printer will print on all of them. "We can print packaging designs on a wide variety of materials, like clear acetate and cardboard materials…I keep a little sample case in the office to showcase what the machine can do." ◗◗ (continued from page 25) that equipment has opened up new markets," he adds. PBM Graphics This nearly 30-year-old Durham, NC printing company specializes in commercial printing, but got started in package prototyping when it acquired a Roland DGA printer about 18 months ago. "It provides more of a finished look for a well-developed prototype," says color technician Hughes Grogan. That Roland LEC 330, also known as a VersaUV, uses UV inks, he adds. "It does rolls and flat stock, and we use it mainly for flat stock. It's primarily designed for Dr. David Claerbaut has spent more than 25 years consulting in the graphic arts industry. You can reach him directly at 702-354-7000 or email him at drdavid@ fcbb.com. Learn more at www.MyPRINTResource.com/10746916. For more information, visit MyPRINTResource.com/10008070 w w w. M y P R I N T R e s o u r c e . c o m June 2013 / QUICK PRINTING 33

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