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JUN 2013

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EXECUTIVE SUITE How to Prevent Burnout Constant requirements to do more with less are trying, but there are solutions. By Dr. David Claerbaut C Burnout is the end point of cumulative physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual fatigue. It comes from giving when there is no more to give. The physical symptoms of burnout © iStockphoto/Thinkstock onsidering the magnitude of the challenges and demands of life in the Executive Suite, it is not surprising that for many it is often hard to persist in a healthy fashion. Among decision makers in general, no matter the level, professionals whose job it is to encounter and resolve problems often experience what is called burnout. may include constant fatigue, backaches, and headaches. Emotionally, one stops caring, and begins to perform the functions of urban ministry as just that—functions rather than caring service. A lack of optimism, along with a sense of loneliness and isolation set in. Burnout is the result of a number of things. First there is feeling that everything is cyclical rather than progressive. There is the feeling that one is on a treadmill with little being accomplished. Summer becomes autumn, autumn becomes winter, winter becomes spring, and spring becomes summer. The problems remain the same and the company continues to struggle. In fact, it seems that for every problem addressed there are four more with which to deal. There is the irregularity of the work schedule. For many, there is no nine-to-five quality about life in the Executive Suite. Tasks are almost never as brief as they are expected to be. What looks like it should take a half hour often stretches into a half day or more. Antidotes to Burnout rself! r you fo Feel UltraSheen ® UV-8820ST No more mixing. No more scuffing. Yes it is a Soft Touch UV Coating. Contact ACTEGA Kelstar today for your printed sample: + 1 800 255-0021 www.actega.com/kelstar info.actega.kelstar@altana.com There are four ways to avoid burnout. • The first is having a reason for what you are doing that goes beyond making money. That can be anything. It can mean a focus on providing good employment opportunities for worthy people. It can mean dedicating a portion of your or the company's revenue to a worthy charitable cause. It can mean sponsoring or underwriting a community initiative. Realizing you have to make a buck and making a few is often not enough. The calling is to something larger than yourself or your P&L statement. The book "The Purpose Driven Life" did not remain perched atop the bestseller list for more than 100 weeks for no reason at all. Make your work truly purpose-driven. • Second, find a base of support—someone you can track with as you go through the challenges of running a graphic arts organization. There is a need for support and reinforcement from others who genuinely understand the nature of the executive crucible. People you connect with may not be running a printing company. They may be in charge of a school, a community organization, a church, or a business. Connect with as many people as you can. The positive ones can be wonderful For more information, visit MyPRINTResource.com/10314886 32 QUICK PRINTING / June 2013 w w w. M y P R I N T R e s o u r c e . c o m

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